Hille & Marthe Perl

2 August 2019

German viol virtuoso Hille Perl and daughter Marthe bring new sounds and approaches to music ranging from Marais and Soler to Irish traditional to Poulenc and contemporary.

Born to be mild

The Four Elements
Music for two electric viols –  A mother-daughter project

Marthe Perl: Prelude Fire
Martha Bishop: Macquam
Trad. Irish arr. Hille Perl: Flag of Fire Irish Folk; Fire in the Mountain;
Hag by the Fire
Antonio Soler arr. Hille & Marthe Perl: Fandango
Marthe Perl: Prelude Water
Tobias Hume: Captain Humes Lamentations
Richard Sumarte: Lachrimae
John Dowland arr. Marthe Perl: Galliard to ‘Lachrimae’
Sainte-Colombe: La Vignon
Marthe Perl: Prelude Air
Marin Marais: Bourrasque; Le Jeu du Volant; Muzette
Anon c.1400: Saltarello
Marthe Perl: Prelude Earth
Paolo Pandolfo: A solo (Tombeau)
Francis Poulenc: Andante
Chris Dahlgren: Michael Straw & Justine Michel Farinel: Faronell‘s Division upon a Ground


LSO St Luke’s

Saint James Clerkenwell


7 to 9 January 2021

c/o PO Box 526

Registered in England
Registered charity number: 1175166

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Artistic Director: Lindsay Kemp

Festival Manager: Lucy Bending

Festival Branding: Baxter and Bailey



Supported in 2020 by:

Aspinwall Educational Trust

Fidelio Trust

Golsoncott Foundation

Kirby Laing Foundation

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